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Season 1, Episode 3- Good Riddance

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Q: What episode and season Did pauly d and jwoww hook up?
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Did pauly d hook up jwoww?


Did Pauly D hook up with JWoww in season 3?

No the only people to date inside the group are sam/ron others have "hooked up" but no paully D and snookie have not. (i assume your asking in response to the last episode where she climbed into his bed it was a plan to get denna into paullys bed.)

Will Nat Wolf hook up with Rosalina in Season 2?

Yes they did in the last episode

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Kathy and Elliot first get back together in the episode 'Annihilated' (season 8, episode 20). Subsequently, in the 'Screwed' (season 8, episode 22), Kathy tells Elliot that she is pregnant.

What epsiode of Jersey Shore does Snooki hook up with vinny for the first time?

Season 2, Episode 3

What episode of Glee did puck and rachel hook up?

I believe it's episode 8 - Mash-Up

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sammi in season 1

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well, Damon and Katherine kiss, but Damon thought that Katherine was Elena and that he was kissing Elena. Later Damon kisses Elena but she pushes him away and says that she will never love him, and that it will always be Stefan. But I don't know if they hook up in the future. hope this helps

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when they got stranded on the island going to Hawaii for there honneymoon.

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The first episode was called Born To Be Beavers/Up All Night. The last episode was called Specs Appeal/Things That Go Hook in the Night.

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Shake it up - hook it up