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Q: What episode and season is the one that flanders wife dies?
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What is Homers Vegas wife caled?

Homer Simpson's Vegas wife is called Amber. He married her after getting drunk whilst showing Ned Flanders what having a good time is. The episode is viva Ned Flanders in season ten.

Does teri bower die in 24 season 1?

Yes, Jack Bauer's wife Teri Bauer dies in the final episode of season 1 of "24."

What is the music playing when stern dies in the good wife season 2 episode 19?

Bach Goldberg Variations BWV988 Variation 18

Who was the first wife character that died on The Simpsons?

The first character's death was Season Two's Beatrice Simmons although Snowball I was mentioned as having died in the very first episode.

What season is the family guy episode whistle while your wife works on?

It is season 5 episode 5

What episode of south park has Clinton's wife in it?

"The Snuke" (season 11, episode 4)

Which episode of Frasier do they find out Gil Chesterton has a wife?

Season 4, Episode 18.

What NCIS episode does Gibbs investigate his ex wife?

Season 5, Episode 3

What is the episode of the Simpsons where Bart gets hit by a car?

Season 14, episode 20: Break my wife, please

What episode does Leo's first wife appear?

season 2 episode 19 Ex Libris

In which Simpsons episode do they get digital TV?

Homer Simpson This is Your Wife | Season Seventeen | Episode Fifteen

Is there an episode of frasier where they show niles wife?

Yes there was an episode where they showed Niles wife. You could only see her from the rear. You never saw her face. I do not remember what season this was or what episode it was either.