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In episode 94.

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Q: What episode does luffys brother pop in in one piece?
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What is the last episode of one piece?

There is no last episode yet because One Piece hasn't ended.Currently the newest episode is the episode 480 *SPOILER ALERT* where Luffy saves his brother and helps him get away from the execution platform by unlocking his sea-stone handcuffs!

Who is luffys parents?

Monkey D. Dragon is Luffy's father and Portgas D. Rouge is his mother. They are both connected to key events in the One Piece story.

Who is Zoro's girlfriend I'm reffering to the one piece charachter?

He doesnt have any girlfriend .. but Boa hancock is fell in love with luffy.. in the early episode they said nami was his girlfriend but theres no word entire the whole episode that nami was luffys girlfriend...

What is latest episode of one piece?

episode 491

Is episode 474 the last episode of one piece?

No it is not.

What is the episode of celestial dragon in one piece?

its the episode 396

What episode of one piece does skypeia end?

Episode 195 is the last episode for the Skypiea Arc.

What episode of one piece does ace vs smoker?

episode 94 and 95

When will episode 443 of One Piece be released?

Each One Piece episode is released weekly on Sunday morning; the subtitled versions are usually released a few hours after. One Piece episode 443 has already been released and can be found at:

What episode in one piece nami is kidnapped in?

it was episode 79

Which episode in one piece did luffy stand on a platform?

In episode 52 in the Loguetown Arc.

What episode of One Piece do Zoro and Nami got stuck on an island?

no episode with this content