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The third estate. The first estate was made up of the clergy, the second estate was made up of the nobles and the peasants made up the third estate.

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Q: What estate in french revolution does a pig farmer belong to?
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What kind of jobs did they have in the First Estate in the French Revolution?

All members of the First Estate were Bishops or Priests

Which groups in the French Revolution benefited from the French Revolution?

The third estate, made up of peasants, artisans and workers, which was 97% of the population, were those who benefited from the French Revolution. In particular the Bourgeoisie, a section of the third estate who were relatively wealthy, such as bankers, lawyers, doctors and other similar professions, benefited the most from the French Revolution because the Revolution put them in power. The first and the second estates, meaning the clergy and nobility, were the groups that lost the most from the French Revolution. They would not recover their pre-Revolution position until the Congress of Vienna of 1815 reinstated the French monarchy.

What was the name for the french working class revolution living in the city?

The French working class (a.k.a. the bourgeoisie) was represented in the Estates General by the 3rd Estate.

Did the french revolution get rid of the three estates?

i think The third estate is the common people, the largest group of people in France, difficult to get rid of them. On June 17, 1789, the Third Estate began the French Revolution. The formation of the National Constituent Assembly marked the end of the Estates-General, but not of the three estates.

What was the slogan and its significance during of the french revolution?

"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" and it signified exactly what the 3rd estate (the bourgeoisie) wanted for France.