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After leia was saved from jabbas clutches, she and the rest of the rebels (besides Luke) met up with the rest of the rebellion to plan the final assault on Death Star 2.

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Q: What happened after princess leia was saved from jabba?
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Did slave Leia wear any other outfits during her time as Jabba's slave?

No. All princess Leia wore during her slavery with Jabba was the metal bikini.Beautyqueen434

Who killed jabba the hut in Star Wars Return of the Jedi?

Princess Leia

Who is Leia Jabba the Hutt?

jabba dressed up as leia

Who was Oola?

Wasn't Oola Jabba the Hutt's slave dancer (prior to Princess Leia) in Return of the Jedi?

Was Jabba The Hut In Return of The Jedi?

He is Bib Fortuna. I think he is pretty creepy.

Who is Slave Leia?

"Slave Leia" is not a distinct character in Star Wars, but refers to Princess Leia when she was taken captive by Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi and forced to wear a very revealing outfit.

How did luke sky walker kill jabba?

Luke Skywalker didn't kill Jabba. It was Princess Leia who killed him. She actually choked him to death with the slave collar chain she was wearing.

Did leia dance for jabba?

It basically depends on what you mean by your question. Would Leia dance for Jabba if Luke and everyone else died? Judging by Oola's treatment, Yes! or Did Leia actually dance for Jabba during her enslavement? Unknown.

Did jabbe the hut die in return of the Jedi?

Yes. Princess Leia used her slave collar's chain to choke Jabba to death

Did Jabba ever cuddle Leia?

I don't believe Jabba the Hutt was in love with Princess Leia but rather he just wanted a slave. It's never really determined what kind of slave she is but at the very least he was just holding her captive.

As Jabba's slave was Leia now poor?


Who did Jabba prefer Leia or Oola?