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Humpty lock beats this manga anyday

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Q: What happened to Gosick vol.2 in the US?
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When was Gosick created?

Gosick was created in 2011.

What are the ratings and certificates for Gosick - 2011?

Gosick - 2011 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M South Korea:15

Will there be a season two of gosick?

Well, Gosick was aired a while ago and there was no word of a second season so far.

How old is Dumbuldore?

88 like makaeo of gosick

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How many episodes of gosick are there?

so far there are 23 episodes. they come out every friday.

Why are there two Brian Roscoe in Gosick?

basically because Brian Roscoe are twins with the same name

What is unlocking code for brain challenges vol2?

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