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she still teaches the second chunin exam

Shinobi World War Arc

Anko clashes with Kabuto. Added by SuperSaiyaMan

Anko and her team continue to monitor the Mountains' Graveyard. When Tokuma reports unusual activity, Anko has Muta Aburame scout the area. He reports thousands of living beings moving beneath the ground. With it clear that Akatsuki is mobilising for war, Anko instructs her team to make contact with the Allied Shinobi Forces while she goes after Kabuto. She tries to sneak up on Kabuto and attacks him, but is quickly defeated.

Tobi demands that Kabuto kill Anko, but he explains that she still has traces of Orochimaru's chakra within her that he can use to grow stronger. Keeping her unconscious, Kabuto absorbs Anko's chakra to increase his control over ninja he has revived with the Summoning: Impure World Resurrection.

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Anko dies in shippuden when it was the 4th shinobi war fighting Kabuto.

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Q: What happens to anko?
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