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You owe your child the support and should make every effort to do so--legally. There are jobs, if you keep looking, where your felony will not matter, but they may be entry level and not as much money as you would wish. These are survival jobs, and eventually you will be able to build on the success you have from those. Get some good advice about job hunting, make sure your grooming and clothing is appropriately nice (dress for success: preppy, covers tatoos) and so on.

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Q: What happens when you have a felony so you can't get a job to pay child support?
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Can you have the mothe sign something so she cant go to court later to make you pay child support?

The courts will not enforce such an agreement, it would be contrary to public policy.

What the state would rather lock you up for not paying child support because you cant get a job with no licence rather than issue you one to go work and pay your support?

Many have wondered that, however, why are you in arrears? Didn't you know there was free help to get a modification? see links

What happens in Texas if you sign over your parental rights?

If you sign over your parental rights, you do just that. You forfit any rights whatsoever you have to the child in question. You will have no legal relation to the child and no right to visit, make decisions for, or claim to be the parent of said child. You are also absolved from paying any future child support. This legal action is not reversible, and takes extreme court measure and consideration.

Will Naruto have a child at the end of the series and if he does who will be the mother?

We cant say that yet.

Does the non-custodial parent have to pay child support while the child lives with him for 3 months of the year?

Well actually, it depends. A non-custodial parent can still have liberal, defined visitation and if that parent, say has 3 days a week or every weekend, and their income is vastly lower than the income of the custodial parent then there would be an avenue in many states where that 'non-custodial' parent would be entitled to child support. Again, it would vary on a number of factors including what you mean by non-custodial. If non-custodial includes no physical or legal custody and/or no visitation at all, the avenue seems virtually impossible. However, simply being non-custodial would not be the single defining point. In fact, there wouldn't be a single variable that would determine the answer to this question (particularly as state law were weighed in). Best advice, contact an attorney, many will provide free first consultations.

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How old does a child have to be before child supports is stop?

A child has to be eighteen before the child support ends for a child. You then cant apply for child support than or you can get anymore for that child once you are eighteen you are done.

Can a senator have a felony?

No they cant.

How can you receive the child support for a 17 yr old that they cant find her father?

You can't.

Can a mom stop the dad from seeing his daughter if he cant pay child support?

Absolutely not!

Does a parent lose visitation rights if they refuse to continue paying child support?

yes you have to pay or scocial services will say you cant visit unless you pay child support

I'm 18 and my mother gets child support for me but i don't see it. How can i get it put in my name?

you cant. child support is to help the parent support the child for example: pay bill and buy grocerys. plus it should be stopping soon if it hasn't already most child support payments stop at the child's 18th birthday or right after they graduate from high school

What happens if you want to become pregnant but cant?

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What if you only work seasonal and u dont make that muchand cant afford to pay that much child support?

In general, child support is a percentage of one's net income - the lower the income, the lower the child support. However, unearned income such as unemployment compensation is also considered available to pay support.

Got fired looking for job unemployment ran out. cant pay child support will it be readjusted?

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Will you get deported for not paying child support?

no you cant get deportes cause your a live here and you are a citizen

Can a deported person still receive child support?

no Mexicans cant get anyhing now gtfo my America Rique orozco

You were laid off and cant pay child support She never lets you see him and is trying to put you in jail?

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