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Q: What is Lena's hobby in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?
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What is Michelle Obama's daughters favorite hobby's?

Traveling at taxpayers expense.

What is a sentence with the word travelling?

He likes travelling around the world.Travelling is not a cheap hobby.

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i would say sports, that's an expensive hobby....gas (traveling) uniforms, education, training, dr. visits, sports equipment, etc!

What is patricks hobby in SpongeBob square pants?

In "SpongeBob SquarePants," Patrick's hobbies includes catching jellyfish with SpongeBob, eating and sleeping.

What hobby starts with the letter T?

Tennis, Traveling,Tresure hunting,train collecting,trekkie, tetris, toy collecting, tatting

What is Bill Clinton's favorite hobby?

I know he played Saxophone a lot and he enjoyed reading as a child. He also enjoyed traveling with his mother

Where do you find cheap blue camouflage pants?

Camouflage pants are best for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and hunting etc. It is good to wear the right clothes to enjoy your hobby with great comfort. You will find nice Camouflage pants at online shopping store like Amazon, Ebay and Safford Sporting Goods.

What is Jason mraz's hobby?

Jason have many hobbies such as gardening, surfing, site seeing, traveling, bike riding, and of course playing music and writing songs.

What is Michael Jordan doing at the moment?

Loading...You know what he's doing? Pooping in his pants. It's one of his favorite hobbies. In fact, he started doing since he was a wee boy. His poops got bigger, hairier, and smellier, but that didn't stop him from doing his favorite hobby. And then he came up with his new hobby. Peeing in his pants. He would always wear dark pants. ALWAYS. Then they would turn darker and wetter. He didn't stop either one of these hobbies because it made him feel so happy when he did them.

How do you write an oral speech about my hobby?

You can write an oral speech about your hobby by starting about what is your hobby and why you like it as an hobby.

What is the difference between hobby and hobbies?

hobby is one of our hobby but hobbies are more than one of our hobby .

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She collected bugs as a hobby. Her hobby was sewing.

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