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Barbara Windsor.

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Q: What is Peggy Mitchells real name?
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What is Amy mitchells real name?

Go and ask her

What is Tiffany mitchells real name?

Martine McCutcheon

What it Archie mitchells real name in eastenders?

Archie was played by Larry Lamb.

What is Peggy's real name in eastenders?

her real life name is Barbara windsor

What is Peggy's real name from eastenders?

Barbara windsor

Who get's Archie Mitchells pub?

billy because he is the one Archie trusts the most or Peggy because Archie loved her

What is Peggys real name?

Margaret Ann 'Peggy' Mitchell is her on screen name and her real life name is Barbara Windsor.

Who is Margaret Dupree real name from camp rock?

In Camp Rock her name is Peggy in real life her name is Jasmine Richards

Who is Peggy from eastenders going to marry?

Archie Mitchell. His name in real life is Larry Lamb. Peggy's is Barbara Windsor

What is the name of Phil Mitchells Daughter?


What is the birth name of Peggy Bates?

Peggy Bates's birth name is Margaret Gaines.

What is grady mitchells brother name in Sonny With a Chance?