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Bob theatre

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Q: What is a good name for a movie theater?
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Where in Indiana can you see the movie Good Hair?

In a movie theater

What is another name for cinema you just can't think of what it's called?

Movie Theater? or just theater?

Name a place where the seats are uncofortable?

ummmmmmmmmm movie theater

What is the name of the movie theater at south dekalb mall?


What is the name of the movie theater in Chicago who gives out free movie tickets on March 5?

the name is the blue moon

Where can one find a movie theater locator?

On the iPhone or iPad, there are many good options for movie theater locators on the App Store. Otherwise, if one has a specific theater in mind, their website will have a locator on it.

What movie theater is is showing African cats?

the regal cinema its a really good movie, if you were wondering?

Name someplace where you might see a movie advertised?

television Movie Theater Newspaper Online

How are the prices of movie theater concessions determined?

Movie Theater Concessions are determined by how good of a movie is playing if they can make more from the concessions or from the tickets. If the movie is bad the concessions will go up. If it is a GREAT movie they will have deals at the concession.

What was the name of the first movie theater?

El Cinemato Del Pizzeria

How did Publix get its name?

The name Publix, as in Publix Super Markets, comes from the old movie theater chain called Paramount-Publix. Founder George Jenkins had always liked the name of the movie theater chain, so he borrowed the "Publix" from it after the chain had closed down.

How do you get a job in the movie theater?

go to a movie theater and apply for it