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Ghost Whisperer - A woman called Melinda Gordon, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, who lives in a town called Grandview. She sees and talks to the ghosts around us. The series is about her life. In each episode she deals with a ghost problems and gets the ghost to go into the light or, as meny people say, to cross-over. Each episode gives a different story about a ghost that appear to Mel and this is the basic story for each episode, along with tales of her loving relationship with her husband Jim Clancy, played by David Conrad. Each episode also looks at her realtionship with family and friends. It also shows her a lot at work in her antique shop - "Same as Always Antiques". Melinda inherited her ability from her grandmother on her mothers side, while her and her late grandmother saw and talked to ghosts Mels mother could hear them.

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Ok here is the summary

There is a girl who can see and hear ghosts, ghosts come and talk to her and she tries to help them with problems with family or friends or whatever. And then at the end of the show she finally helps them and they cross over into "the light."

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Q: What is a summary of the story ghost whisper?
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