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Good Witch

American-Canadian comedy series

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Q: What is good witches?
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What is the name of the hero in the witches?

good witch of the notrh

In the play Hamlet how many witches were there?

4 active in the book, 3 active in the movie. Author and Oz series originator Lyman Frank Baum [May 15, 1856-May 5, 1919] identified four main witches who are active in his story: Glinda the Good Witch of the South, the Good Witch of the North, and the Wicked Witches of the East and of the West. The original count was six or seven. For the world of Oz originally had four wicked witches. But Glinda and her colleague managed to take over the Quadling country of the South and the Munchkinland of the North, respectively, from the Wicked Witches who had been ruling in those two lands. In addition, Baum brings in the story of Gayelette, a beautiful princess and powerful sorceress of the North. Is she a seventh witch, in addition to the two previously Wicked Witches of the North and of the South; the two Wicked Witches of the East and of the West; and the two Good Witches of the North and of the South? Or is she the younger version of the older Good Witch of the North? In the 1902/1903 stage version of the book, Baum gives the Good Witch of the North the name Locasta. But there are inconsistencies between the play and the book versions even though Baum authored both! In the 1939 film version, there are only three witches: Glinda has become the Good Witch of the North, there's no Good Witch of the South, and there are the two Wicked Witches of the East and of the West.

What is the name of the movie of three witches and the little boy they turned into a rat?

The Witches. 1990

How many witches live on Vancouver Island?

Officially, there are 0 witches on Vancouver Island.

Are there cursed witches roaming on the former PTL land in fort Mill?

No, there are no witches there..Or ghosts.

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How and What did whitches do?

charmed witches- also known as good witches - use good magic to fight demons. bad witches - puts spells on people

How can witches alter human life in a good way?

Witches don't exist.

Why were so many convicted witches killed?

People were scared of what witches could or would do with their power. They considered all witches evil, which was not, in fact, the case. Indeed, there were evil witches, but there were also good witches.

Are good and bad witchs real?

there are some some good witches and bad witches good witches used there power to heal people bad witches used there powers to kill people some people killed witches and hunt them down the witch hunters put witches on crosses and made sure when they caputerd them they hold them up so they can not use their powers to talk to the devil from below

What makes the grandma in the witches a good person?

What makes Grandma in "The Witches" by Roald Dahl a good person is that she cares about what her grandson says.

Is their any witches in sims2?

there r no witches in the sims2. but there r some ghosts.(: You get witches with the Apartment Life expansion. Both good and bad.

Where witches good or bad in 1606?

they were bad.

What is the name of the hero in the witches?

good witch of the notrh

Is wizards and witches a good book?

Its a great book.

What is the film called with three bad witches and one good witch and then the good witch gets bullied but then she faces upto the bad witches?

I guess you are referring to the movie "The Craft"

Are witches always evil?

No. Many work for the good of mankind

What did people believe about witches in jacobean England?

it wasn't good