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There are quite a few ways to say "hello Sweden" in Swedish, two of which are "hej Sverige" and "hallå Sverige".

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Q: What is hello Sweden in Swedish?
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How do you say hello from Stockholm Sweden in swedish?

"Greetings from Sweden" is "Hälsningar från Sverige" in Swedish.

Where do people speak Swedish?

Swedish is the official language of Sweden.

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What colony was before the Swedish?

There was no colony before the swedish, in Sweden. Sweden isn't a colony.

How do you say Sweden and Swedish in Latin?

Suécia and Suécicus are Sweden and Swedish translated into Latin

What is the nationality of Sweden?

Sweden the people their are swedish

What is Swedish?

Swedish is the official language spoken in Sweden.

What country are Swedish people from?

Swedish people are from Sweden.

What does sveirge in swedish?

sveirge means Sweden in swedish

What is hello son in Swedish?

son is "hej son" in Swedish.

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