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Q: What is jacks real name in the movie titanic?
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Is the Titanic a movie or is it real?

Both. There is a Titanic movie, but it is based on a real boat that sunk.

What the Titanic hero real name?

his real name is- Leonardo the movie he was playing the role of jack dawson,who falls in the love with a beautiful rich girl,Rose Dewitt bukator(real name-Kate Winslet) is a beautiful romantic movie and woth viewing.......

Is Rose from Titanic her real name in real life?

Yes how else would they know all the infomation in the movie?

Was the Titanic a real Movie?

Yes. Titanic is a real movie that was made in 1997. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

What was the real name of the Titanic?

R.M.S. Titanic

What was the rank of the captain of the Titanic?

His name was Edward John Smith in the movie. Which was the real captains name and his rank was of course, captain

How old is the real rose of Titanic?

Rose is a fictional character, not a real person it is a charter in the MOVIE the titanic

What is Ruth Dewitt-Bukator real name from Titanic?

The correct name of this fictional character is Ruth Dewitt Bukater. The character was portrayed by actress Frances Fisher in the 1997 movie, "Titanic".

What is Shane dawson's real name?

His name is Shane Lee Yaw, his changed his last name to Dawson because of his favorie movie, Titanic. James Cameron is his idol and the character in Titanic is Jack Dawson, so he changed his name. Hope this helpssxxx

Was there a rose and Jack in Titanic?

yes there where a rose and jack on Titanic

What is jacks real name on dani's house?


Was Titanic not underwater when they made the move?

The movie "Titanic" was made with a fake Titanic, as the real one was still underwater.