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Q: What is kelsey grammar head size?
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Is Kelsey grammar English?

No - he is American.

Where does Kelsey grammar live?


Does kelsey grammar speak fluent french?

yes kelsey does speak fluent french yes kelsey does speak fluent french

Does Kelsey grammar own kelsey's restaurant?

Kelsey's is owned by Cara Operations Limited Source:

Was Kelsey Grammar in the movie The Grinch?

No, he did not have a part in The Grinch.

What is Kelsey grammar's net worth?

120 million

What is the area of Kelsey Head?

The area of Kelsey Head is 5,179,976.22 square meters.

Who is the creator of the sitcom Girlfriends?

The executive producer is Kelsey Grammar

Which of these companies had a spokesgecko originally voiced by Kelsey grammar?


Why did kelsey have to die?

Kelsey Grammar is still alive although he has had a tragic family life. His father was murdered and his sister was raped and murdered.

Is side show bob English?

He is voiced by american actor Kelsey Grammar.

Kelsey Grammar played in four sitscoms what were they?

Cheers, Frasier, Hank, Back to You