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the answer is wild african dog

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Q: What is more dangerous a hyena or a wild African dog?
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An African wild animal like a dog starting with h?


What is an African wild animal a bit like a dog beginning with H called?


What are some predators that hunt An African elephant?

Man, lions, hyena, and wild dogs. Lions, hyena, and wild dogs may hunt and kills elephants, but it is for food. Man hunts elephant for sport.

Is the African wild dog dangerous?


What are the top 5 top predators?

Africa is known for their predatory animals. The top five predators of Africa are the hyena, African leopard, African wild dog, cheetah, and the lion.

what are the 10 most dangerous animals in Africa?

1. Human 2. Mosquito 3. I Know This Is Hard To Belive But It Is The Hippo 4. African elephant 5. This Is Also Hard To Belive But It Is The Chimpanzee 6. White Rhino 7. African Wild Dog 8. Spotted Hyena 9. African Lion 10. Wildebeest.

Does a hyena use camouflage?

Yes,Hyena's are actually wild dogs, their coat is a wild striped orange,yellow,black and brown. Depending on the coat,it uses it to blend in the African bushes and trees,they are mostly scavengers,relying on the stronger predators to kill the animal and have its share before the hyena move to take the scrap. They mostly use camouflage to hide away from predators.

Who hunts African wild dogs?

hunters like farmers because the dogs eat the livestock but they dont have much predators

Are wild African wild dog dangerous?

they are best left alone, they will consider humans as a threat, even if the humans do not mean to be

How high can African Wild Dogs jump?

the spotted hyena can jump up to some thing.

Is it possible to own a hyena?

Theoretically I suppose this could be possible. However, Hyenas are wild (and dangerous) animals and are best left and appreciated in their wild state. It is always sad to see a wild animal in a cage.

What other animal does a African wild dog compete with?

Spotted Hyena, Lions And Leopards, These 3 Animals NEVER Eat African Wild Dogs But African Wild Dogs Can Eat These 3. Spotted Hyenas Can Steal Kills But Spotted Hyenas Are Not The Toughest Competitors In The World, African Wild Dogs Commonly Kill Spotted Hyenas. Male AWDs Kill Female Spotted Hyena. Packs Of AWDs Have Been Known To Mob Single Female Spotted Hyenas And Sometimes Kill Them But The Hyenas Can Kill Cubs But Mother AWDs Can Feircely Protect Their Young And The Mother AWDs Can Kill The Hyena If The Mother AWD Is Alert To The Young. Leopards Are Even More Weak Than Spotted Hyenas To African Wild Dogs, AWDs Can Kill Leopards On Occasions If They Spot The Leopard. Leopards Don't Usually Have Much Defence Because African Wild Dogs Commonly Live In Packs And Leopards Don't And AWDs Are Much Faster Than Leopards So There Is Little Time For The Leopard To Escape. Lions Are The Toughest Competitors But Lions Don't Eat African Wild Dogs Witch People Say They Do. Lions Can Often Be Killed On Occasions. 8 Male African Wild Dogs Have Been Recorded Killing A Single Male Lion.