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the mother may be judged unfit to care for the child for an number of reasons:

  1. Homeless
  2. unsafe home environment (lack of running water, etc).
  3. insufficient space for the children (living in single room apartment with 3 kids)
  4. No job, no income, or insufficient income.
  5. drug and/or alcohol abuse
  6. Present or past criminal activity (ex: prostitution, drugs, violence)
  7. Currently in jail or prison.
  8. Has friends etc that are dangerous to the children (ex: boyfriend is a sex offender, etc) and a past history of failure to protect the children from said friends.
  9. Failure to meet court appointed case plan requirements (parenting classes, anger management classes, rehab, water safety classes, etc)
  10. Unable to have positive visits with the children, misses vitiation appointments
  11. Past abuse record

If the maternal grandmother is judged to be fit and the mother is judged to be unfit, the court may award guardianship of the children to the grandmother.

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Q: What is reasoning for a court to grant a maternal grandparent permanent guardianship over a mother?
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