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Samantha Puckett.

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Jennette Mccurdy plays Sam on icarly.

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Q: What is sam from iCarly's real name?
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What is chips from icarlys real name?

I Carly real name is maranda

When is Carly off of icarlys real name?

Her real name is Miranda Cosgrove.

What Spencer's from iCarlys real name?

Jerry trainer

What is Leanne Carter from icarlys real name?

Gilland Jones

Is the bedroom in iCarlys bedroom real?


What is sam westings real name?

his real name is Sam westing. He did not change his name.

What is iCarlys real post code?

iCarly isn't real,its a TV show.Its filmed on a set.

What is iCarlys main charector?

The main character of iCarly is Carly but Sam and Freddie are main characters too.

What is iCarlys dad name?

Colonel Steven Shay.

What is iCarly's Sam's real name?

ICarly's Sam's real name is Jennet ( i think that is how you spell it)

What is iCarlys sams last name?

In the show, her full name is Sam Puckett. They have only said it in the Locker 239 episode and the one where Sam changes Carlys grades.

Who is Sam pettit?

sam pittit is not a real name her name is sam pucket but that's only her name on icarly