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It isn't mentioned on the show but it would probably be Gary, his pet snail.

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Q: What is spongebobs favorite animal?
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What is spongebobs favorite dance?

the sponge

What are spongebobs favorite things to say?

"I'm ready!"

What is spongebobs favorite place to go?

Krusty Krab

What is Spongebobs favorite colour?

pink cuz of Patrick

What is spongebobs favorite type of music?

AnswerHe is a cartoon character. He doesn't get to have a favorite type of music.

What is SpongeBobs favorite game?

to blow bubbles with his buddy patrick star

What kind of animal is spongebobs teacher?

Her name is Mrs. Puff and she is a blowfish.

What is sponge bob's favorite color?

his favorite color is not mentioned as far as i know

Why is beige spongebobs favorite color?

because hes not really a color type person thats his fave duhhh

What animal is spongebobs best friend Patrick?

He's a pink starfish =)

Who is behind SpongeBobs voice?

the person behind spongebobs voice is Tom Kenny

What is spongebobs square pants favorite thing to do?

work at the krusty krab and kiss Georgia Stacey on the lips and to sleep with sandy in her tree house!!