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Q: What is the English word for the many social divisions in India based on occupation and family?
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What allowed a family to have a surplus of food?

Social divisions

What does surplus food lead to?

social divisions

What led to the development social divisions?


In sumerians society peoples social class or rank depended on their wealth and?


What are the two divisions of the FICA?

Social Security and Medicare.

How were han social classes different than most social divisions?

Han social classes were different from most social divisions because they were based on a person's occupation rather than their birth or family background. In Han China, individuals had the opportunity to move up or down in social class based on their skills and abilities. This social mobility allowed for a more dynamic and meritocratic society compared to other systems where social status was determined by birthright.

What are the rigid social divisions of India called?

Each social division is called a caste.

What if formed when Work divided up among villagers?

the answer is social social divisions

How did social divisions reflected in a democratic country explain?

how are social division reflected in democratic counry

What has the author Robin Healey written?

Robin Healey has written: 'Family and social change in a South Italian town' -- subject(s): Family, Social conditions 'Twentieth-century Italian literature in English translation' -- subject(s): Bibliography, English imprints, Italian literature, Translations into English

What is the definition of social divisions?

The strata of people within a civilisation.

Was the mayans economy based on the divisions of social classes?