What is the School pride meaning?

Updated: 9/22/2022
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pride is a high opinion you think about yourself or a admired person

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Q: What is the School pride meaning?
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What is Harrison Trimble High School's motto?

The motto of Harrison Trimble High School is 'Pride in ourselves, pride in our school, pride in our community'.

What is Bowbrook House School's motto?

Bowbrook House School's motto is 'With Pride In All We Do'.

What is the motto of Chardon High School?

Chardon High School's motto is 'A Legacy of Pride, a Future of Promise'.

What is the motto of West Mesquite High School?

West Mesquite High School's motto is 'Home of Honor and Pride.'.

What is Lambrick Park Secondary School's motto?

Lambrick Park Secondary School's motto is 'Lambrick Park PRIDE'.