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to put it simply. lucifer can hold a grudge. but time is a little different for god and angels. When god chose us over his most beautiful favored angel Lucifer--Lucifer threw a fit and basically (im paraphrasing-lol). I will turn the humans against you, make them denounce you, whether they realize it or not. We all have brain. look at it logically and a lot of things make sense. in The Bible - jesus says I am the son of man and since god is everyones father. jesus(peace be upon him) tells us over and over he is a man. He died and was risen to show us a sign - god will come for us. mohammad (peace be upon him) was chosen to fix all the stuff that that got messed up (to be nice )in the translation. think about things go in threes ... 3 books - 3 messages- 3 messengers.

3 books - 3 messages- 3 messengers.

torah - the laws abraham (peace be upon him)

bible - the love( i have a

different word

gospel- but it's not right. Jesus (peace be upon him)

love is close enough)

quran- the revelation Mohammad( peace be upon him)

just fyi- i am a believer -There is only one god- we're in this together. I don't claim any organized religion. I know god's got me know matter what. faith of a child sets you free.


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Q: What is the basic purpose of 'the arrival of DAJJAL'?
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