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They are very much the same, except VHDL syntax is derived from Ada while Verilog syntax is derived from C.


moreover, VHDL is a system level language whereas verilog is a gate level (circuit level) language. Hence, verilog is easy to learn than VHDL.

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Q: What is the difference between VHDL and Verilog?
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What is the Difference between verilog and vhdl language?

VHDL is a strongly typed language Verilog isn't

Why verilog preferred over vhdl?

The very basic reason is that Verilog is easy to learn than VHDL. The more important reason is that VHDL is a high level design and Verilog is low level. It means that, in Verilog, the user has got a flexibility of designing from the very basic level. As most of the errors can be rectified at very low level, Verilog is more reliable.

What is the difference between fpga mplementation and verilog hdl implementation?

Verilog HDL / VHDL is a hardware description language used to implement a hardware on a computer virtually. It means that we can append all the attributes of a hardware to a computer program and verify as to how it works. But there may be differences in its behavior when it is actually implemented physically. For example, there may be an unexpected time delay. So, it is required to verify the design physically. Hence, we dump this Verilog / VHDL code into an FPGA / CPLD and verify the design physically. In other words, Verilog HDL / VHDL program is used to verify the design on a computer where as FPGA / CPLD implementation is used to verify the design on an IC.

Why vERILOG is better than vHDL?

VHDL is a system level programming language and Verilog is a circuit level programming language. VHDL can be viewed as a language written in programmer's point of view. In that manner it is better than VHDL. For example, to write a code for a simple combinational circuit, we need to define from the circuit level in Verilog i. e. FET level. But in VHDL, we can directly take several smaller components and combine them to trealize the circuit. That means, one need not have a knowledge of analog circuits to design something in VHDL. He only needs to know the behavior of the desired design.

What has the author Peter J Ashenden written?

Peter J. Ashenden has written: 'Digital design' -- subject(s): Embedded computer systems, Verilog (Computer hardware description language), System design 'The VHDL cookbook' 'Digital Design (Verilog)' 'The Designer's Guide to VHDL (Systems on Silicon)' 'The system designer's guide to VHDL-AMS'

How vhdl acts as an exchange medium between chip vendors and cad tool users?

CAD means computer aided design. CAD tools are used to design chips virtually on a computer. Programming languages like VHDL, Verilog, System C, Syatem Verilog are used for this purpose. The successful designs of these languages can be fabricated into chips.

How many version of vhdl are there in xillinx product?

VHDL is a hardware description language. XILINX is an EDA tool. EDA tools, electronic design and automation tools, are used to implement the programs like VHDL or Verilog. VHDL has several versions. But all these are standardized by IEEE and they don't belong to XILINX. Several FPGAs and CPLDs are manufactured by XILINX.

4 Difference between c program and vhdl program?

There are 4 main differences between C programming and VHDL programming. C is a mid-level language, while VHDL is a hardware description language. C can handle one type of instruction, while VHDL can handle two. C does not require as much resource usage as VHDL. C can be written only with logical thinking, but a VHDL programmer must understand hardware circuits.

What are eda tools?

These are Electronic Design Automation tools. These tools are used to design and implement electronic circuits virtually using a computer. Programming languages like VHDL, Verilog can be used for this purpose.

What are disadvantages of VHDL?

VHDL is a system level program. It is written in a way that can be easily understood by the user and the system just like a high level language. It means that the programming is not a low level i. e. circuit level or gate level program. It is not suitable for verifying the basic objects like gates. These basic elements are readily available in VHDL unlike Verilog where you can actually design the gates from circuit level.

When was Verilog created?

Verilog was created in 1984.

Difference between verilog hdl and hdl?

HDL means hardware description language. These are the computer programming languages used to describe hardware. By doing so one can virtually realize hardware and test it. Verilog HDL is one of several hardware description languages available.

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