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The duration of Pay Your Dues is 720.0 seconds.

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Q: What is the duration of Pay Your Dues?
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When was Pay Your Dues created?

Pay Your Dues was created on 1919-10-12.

When was Everybody's got to Pay Some Dues created?

Everybody's Gotta Pay Some Dues was created in 1961-09.

Do you pay dues?

Not right now

Why am I forced to pay union dues to work at Dillons Grocery store when I only work 15 to 20 hours a week and make minimum wage?

You are not forced to pay union dues if your dept. is a union dept. You are automatically in the union and the dues are optional. Contact your union rep and tell him to cancell your dues. I don't know what state you are in but in Ks. you are not forced to pay these dues.

Are Deacons exempted from paying membership dues in the Knights of Columbus?

No, deacons are required to pay dues

Can a church or synagogue sue for back dues?

Yes--if there is a written contract or agreement to pay dues. If the dues are voluntary, then the association has no basis to sue.

What type of legal action can the union take when they find out that they overlooked deduction of union dues?

If the employer doesn't deduct you union dues, you are still obligated to pay your dues. Read your bylaws and constitution, to determine your particular circumstance (these documents will tell you what your union can do when you do not pay your dues).

How can homeowners insurance pay for homeowners association dues if i cannot pay?

It won't. Homeowners insurance is protection from sudden accidental losses, it does cover association dues.

What did the Megara city-state do for entertainment?

work to pay their dues

How do you unjoin the YMCA?

Walk up to the desk and pay your dues.

Monthly membership dues freemason pay each month?

Each Lodge sets its own dues, which can vary widely from place to place.

What are the effects of unionization?

You will have to pay union dues. But then again you will make more money being in a union, which more than cover the cost of your dues.