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The typical height of a desk is 28" to 30".

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2008-06-24 18:01:52
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Q: What is the height of a desktop?
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What is the standard height of the space between the desktop and the bottom of a shelf?

it depends if your cealing is high you will probably have a big shelf.

What measure height on a computer?

the height on any computer is always going to be different it wont be the same because a notebook computer could be the size of a iPad compared to a desktop computer.

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Where to get desktop destroyer?

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You arrange your desktop

Is the Windows Desktop a folder?

Desktop is the interface of the windows, desktop has also a folder C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop

How do you change your desktop background on mac?

The Desktop image can be changed in from Desktop tab in the Desktop & ScreenSaver section of System Preferences. You can jump directly to this by right clicking on the Desktop and selecting Change Desktop Background.... from the menu that appears.

How can you use the laptop as a desktop?

There is no difference in functionality of laptop and desktop. you can do same work as you can does with your desktop

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My HP pavillion(Name on my computer) desktop is the regular desktop on my computer

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