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German - it was a German movie.

I prefer to watch it in German with English subtitles.

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Q: What is the language of the movie Das Boot?
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When was the original Das Boot movie made?

The original Das Boot movie was made in 1981. It is an adaptation of a 1973 novel by Lothar-Gunther Bucheim. Das Boot grossed over $80 million worldwide.

How many beers are in a das boot?

8.5 beers in das boot

What is the duration of Das Boot?

The duration of Das Boot is 2.48 hours.

When was Das Boot - album - created?

Das Boot - album - was created in 1992.

When was Das Boot created?

Das Boot was created on 1981-09-17.

When was Das Boot released?

Das Boot was released on 02/10/1982.

What was the Production Budget for Das Boot?

The Production Budget for Das Boot was $12,000,000.

Was Daniel Craig in das boot?

No, Daniel Craig did not appear in Das Boot.

When was Das letzte U-Boot created?

Das letzte U-Boot was created in 1992.

When was Das U-Boot created?

Das U-Boot was created on 1999-10-22.

How much money did Das Boot gross worldwide?

Das Boot grossed $84,970,337 worldwide.

How much money did Das Boot gross domestically?

Das Boot grossed $11,487,676 in the domestic market.