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Cisco's slogan is: "Welcome To The Human Network"

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'Brings people & information together to reduce decision times'

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The motto of Certis CISCO is 'Securing Your World'.

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Q: What is the motto of Certis CISCO?
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When was Certis CISCO created?

Certis CISCO was created in 2005.

Cisco technology?

Cisco Technical Documentation

What are some recommended books about Cisco routers?

Some recommended books about Cisco routers are: Cisco Router Configuration, Cisco Routers For The Desperate, Cisco Routers for IP Router, Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching.

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Cisco Saldana goes by Cisco Lution.

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cisco is not an animal

Where is the Cisco Public Library in Cisco located?

The address of the Cisco Public Library is: 600 Ave G, Cisco, 76437 3039

What are some blogs devoted to Cisco?

Blogs devoted to Cisco include the Cisco Canada Blog and Jaluri. Other examples include GBlogs - Cisco, Hacking Cisco at Blogspot, and BradReese blog.

What is the birth name of Cisco Adler?

Cisco Adler's birth name is Cisco Sam Adler.

What is the birth name of Galen Cisco?

Galen Cisco's birth name is Galen Bernard Cisco.

How many total patents does CISCO hold?

when you talk about Cisco's patents, you have to consider Cisco subsidiaries as well, considering all the cisco's subsidiaries and world wide geography, CISCO have 35,000 patents (10600 unique)

What cisco team can be contacted to help when cisco equipment is suspected to be counterfeit?

- Cisco Brand Protection Team