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Suellen, born Susan Elinor, and Carreen, born Caroline Irene.

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Her full name is Katie Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler. However, when Margret Mitchell wrote her first draft of the novel, she named the heroine Pansy O'Hara.

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Scarlett was the oldest. The oldest sister had to marry first. She took her sister's beau, Frank Kennedy and married him and broke her sister's heart.

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Bonnie _ Eugenie Victoria 'Bonnie' Butler

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Q: What is the name of Scarlett and Rhetts daughter in the novel Gone With the Wind?
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In what novel will you find Scarlett and Rhett?

Gone with the wind.

What rhetts last name in Gone With the Wind?

Rhett Butler.

What color are Scarlett O'Hara's eyes?

Scarlett O'Hara's eyes are described as emerald green in the novel "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell.

In Gone With the Wind What Rhetts occupaton during the war?

He's a Blockade runner

Where did then name bonnie come from?

Originally a nickname from the Scottish bonnie "pretty, cheerful". It gained popularity after the novel "Gone with the Wind", in which it was the nickname of Scarlett's daughter. In that case, her name was a reference to the "Bonnie Blue Flag" of the Confederacy.

Was Tara the house in Gone With the Wind?

Yes, Tara is the name of Scarlett O'Hara's plantation in Gone with the Wind; on her return home, Scarlett wonders if Tara still stands or if it has been destroyed by the Yankees and is "gone with the wind." Ashley Wilkes, whom Scarlett loves throughout much of the novel, lives at a nearby plantation named Twelve Oaks.

Who played Rhett and Scarlet's daughter in Gone With the Wind?

Cammie King Conlon (then Cammie King) played Bonnie Blue Butler in Gone with the Wind.

Who was Scarlett Ohara?

Scarlett was the fictional heroine of Margaret Mitchell's 1930s novel, Gone with the Wind. She was later played by Vivien Leigh in the 1939 film adaptation, which, if inflation is counted, is the highest-grossing film of all time.

Who is scarlett o hara?

Scarlett O'Hara is the main character in the novel "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell. She is a headstrong and complex Southern belle who experiences love, loss, and resilience during the American Civil War and Reconstruction era. Scarlett is both admired and criticized for her strong-willed personality and her determination to survive and thrive in the face of adversity.

What year was the remake of Gone With the Wind?

Alexandra Ripley wrote the novel "Scarlett". It was published in 1991.

Scarlett in Gone With the Wind?

Scarlett Ohara was her full name. Her full name was Katie Scarlett O'Hara..

Who was scarlett's sister in Gone With the Wind?

Scarlett actually had two sisters Suellen and Carreen.