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Jessica Andrews - and it was not easy to find!! I've been searching for weeks but it was worth it!!

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Q: What is the name of the artist who sings the song on soap net commercial that says you are my everything?
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The name of the song used in the remy martin commercial or the name of the artist who sings it?

its come away with me by the elkcloner

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The name of the Artist is Randy Houser.

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LG Chocolate Touch! Work by Ciara

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apparently it's not a song, its a jingle written for the commercial. I have no idea who sings it.

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Rock climbing commercial? Laura Pergolizzi is the artist, but goes by the name "L.P."

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Usually they would have the name of the song and the artist under it on the commercial in the corner. Next time it comes on look for it.

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answer to pantene commercial Jan 2007shirley bassey ,,,, the name of the song is history repeating by propellerheads

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