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They were the most powerful feudal lords in Feudal Japan right after the Shogun.

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A Daimyo was a Japanese feudal lord in charge of a fief or region, in much the same way a European Lord was the local governor of a region. Due to the political instability of feudal Japan, a Daimyo may well have been trained as a Samurai from birth. A Chief Samurai, who was quite often well educated, was a highly trained and usually very ethical and moral warrior or knight of formidable fighting skills. The Samurai subscribed to the code of "Bushido" as the European Knights subscribed to the "Precepts of Knighthood". A Samurai, or even a family of Samurai, were often retainers to a Daimyo and frequently maintained that relationship for generations. This relationship might only be broken by the death or dishonouring of one or the other. The Daimyo owed his allegiance to the Shogun, the Samurai owed his allegiance to the Daimyo. In that way, loyalties were usually maintained. In times of war, the Samurai classes were the Officers of the army. In times of peace, the Samurai performed more of a "police" or "sheriff" function. In smaller, more remote regions, the Samurai might have been the Daimyo as well if he had suitably impressed a powerful Daimyo or even the Shogun.

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they're diffrent warriors

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tehey are diffrrnru

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they are differet

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Q: What is the relationship between the ninja and the samurai?
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Samurai, Ninjutsu was created sometime between 1592 - 1597. The Samurai originated around 794 - 1185.

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