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Q: What is the same as journey?
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When did Journey to the Unknown end?

Journey to the Unknown ended in 1969.

When did Journey Escape happen?

Journey Escape happened in 1982.

What is the duration of Journey to the Beginning of Time?

The duration of Journey to the Beginning of Time is 1.55 hours.

What is the duration of Desperate Journey?

The duration of Desperate Journey is 1.78 hours.

What is the duration of A Little Journey?

The duration of A Little Journey is 1.07 hours.

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How are journey's and trips the same?

A journey is what you do to get to your destination. A trip is what you do to get there and what you do while there.

What is a word that means the same as trip?

fallStumblealso: Journey; as in: I'm going on a journey, or, I'm going on a trip.

What rhymes with boat journey with the same meaning?

ship trip

Can a journey and a recount be the same thing?

No, a journey is a trip somewhere. Recount is telling a story about something or counting votes a second time

Does a rocket stay the same speed through-out its journey?

No, a rocket does not stay at the same speed throughout its journey. The rocket experiences acceleration as it moves through the atmosphere and then into space. During this acceleration phase, the rocket speeds up until it reaches its desired velocity for the remainder of its journey.

What were the social conditions that existed in India which lead Siddhartha on his journey?

Indian social conditions did not play a role in the Buddha's journey to enlightenment. It was an inner journey. Once he had attained enlightenment he shared it with others so they could make the same individual journey that he had, but with the knowledge that it was possible.

Words that have the same meaning as journey?

Sojourn, quest, pilgrimage, trip, voyage

What object follows the same orbit as earth in its journey around the sun?

The Moon follows a similar orbit as Earth in its journey around the sun, but it orbits Earth rather than the sun. This shared orbit is due to the Moon being Earth's natural satellite.

Is the novel Return Journey by R F Delderfield the sequel to his novel written in the same year Cheap Day Return?

No it's the same novel - 'Return Journey' is the title of the American publication of 'Cheap Day Return'.

Can you travel on a train break the journey for the night and carry on the next day with the same ticket?

no you must buy a new ticket to travel the next day if the journey was achievable in a day if not you can use the same ticket from 0900 onwards

Looking for the words that mean the same thing as the word explore?

journey, quest, adventure

What is the difference between a journey and a trip?

They can both mean the same thing. However, a trip tends to be something short in duration, whereas a journey tends to take a long time.