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Q: What is the type of tourism has New Zealand recently come under internationally and what does it change or do?
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What is a bureau de change?

A bureau de change is a place in Britain and New Zealand where foreign currency can be exchanged.

Does New Zealand have a large Jewish population?

There's a decent sized Jewish population in New Zealand. However, that'll probably change if the ban on kosher meat and chicken isn't lifted.

Why do some people want to change the New Zealand flag?

There are two main reasons that some people want to change the New Zealand flag: * to reduce the confusion with the Australian flag * to represent the current image and perception of New Zealand rather than the historic close allegiance with the UK. This would be similar to the 1965 change to the Canadian flag, which also used to have the Union flag in the top left quadrant, and was changed to represent Canada as its own entity with its own symbolism.

Why is new zealands name aotearoa?

There is not a majority in favour of changing the name of New Zealand. Why would New Zealand change its name? One reason given is: It should have a name given by the first inhabitants, the Maori. One suggested name is Aotearoa. But this name possibly only refers to one of the main islands rather than the whole country.

What is the lanuage in New Zealand?

Kiwi is not a language; kiwi are birds native to New Zealand. Because these birds are very distinctive and unique to New Zealand they are the official national bird of New Zealand. The term Kiwi has been adopted as a casual term for Pakeha (non-Maori) people from New Zealand. The berry fruit formerly called 'Chinese Gooseberries' were given a name change to Kiwifruit for marketing reasons. New Zealand's official languages are English, Maori and NZ Sign Language.

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Timothy John Groser is the Minister for Climate Change Issues for New Zealand.

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What are the changes from fordism to post- fordism?

In terms of Fordism from a tourism aspect, changes from fordism to post-fordism include the introduction of Niche Market Tourism and also Green Tourism. Tourism products/activities/services are specialised/individualised/customised to suit the tourist's needs. Also there is change in consumer taste...

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