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traditional south african clothing.

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2012-06-13 11:28:43
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Q: What is traditional south African clothing called?
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What is south africans traditional clothes?

traditional south african clothing.

What is a traditional clothing in North Korea?

Traditional clothing wore in north Korea is the same as south Korea's traditional clothing. It is called hanbok.

Where on the Internet can you buy traditional African clothing for men?

Bear in mind that Africa comprises 54 sovereign countries, and that most African countries have different traditional dress. In South Africa, for example, there are different traditional garbs between the various tribes.(See the Related link to an online website where you can buy traditional African clothing for men.)

What are the South Americans traditional clothing?

colourful dresses for the woman and colourful clothing for the men

What type of clothing do South Africa people wear?

Nombid-a traditional clothing for ceremonies

What is the South African stock exchange called?

What is the south African stock exchange called

What do South Africans wear on a formal function?

Formal Wear i.e. tuxedoes for men, evening gowns for women, just like EVERYWHERE else. Some black people do occasionally wear culturally traditional clothing, depending on which culture they come from, Google: traditional south African clothing. If you can see breasts they wont wear it to a formal function

What is the name of traditional south African dress?

South Africa has many cultures. Which one are you talking about?

What are the folk costumes of south Africa?

We have many African traditional 'folk' costumes/attire worn by different tribes but mainly at traditional functions. Each tribe has their own traditional gear - mostly very colourful and truly representative of our rainbow nation. But most South Africans wear normal western clothing from day to day.

How did people learn to build traditional south African structures?

People learned how to build traditional South African structures from their ancestors. By studying how things were made in earlier times they were able to repeat the processes.

South African plant with thorns that catch clothing of passersby?


What do South Koreans wear?

South Koreans generally dress in Western Style although they do have traditional clothing for more formal occassions.

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