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The standard electricity voltage supplied to houses in South Africa is 220 volt single phase.

By special application a house-owner can apply to the local municipality to be provided with a three phase 380 volt electricity feed to the house. This is normally done if the house is large and have a big demand for power.

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380 volt

380 volt

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Q: What is voltage of electricity supplied to houses in South Africa?
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The standard voltage supplied to residential properties in South Africa is 230 volt single phase at 50 cycles per second (50 Hz). In some cases (by application) it is possible to get a 380 volt three phase power connected to the house.Outlet receptacles (sockets) and plugsThere are two official South African socket and plug standards: type M and type N. Type M is ubiquitous, whereas type N is not so common. Appliances with a type C plug are very commonly found and used with a plug adapter in order to fit type M sockets. Type N sockets are compatible with C plugs. Besides type M and N (and C), the older type D sockets can also be found.For more information see the Related Link "Electricity around the world" shown below.

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