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I'm not completely sure,but Ciara Bravo would seem like the kind of girl who would like cute boys with a sense of humor,style,and act appropriate.

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Q: What kind of guys does ciara bravo like?
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What does Ciara Bravo look like?

hes tall and ugly

What does ciara bravo's boyfriend look like?

hes tall and ugly

How do you say Ciara Bravo?

Ciaro Bravo in speech language >> si-era brevo Like CYERA BREVO

Is ciara bravo puertorican?

I think she I hope so she looks like it she is really pretty

How many siblings do ciara have and what are there names?

ciara bravo has 2 siblings a brother and a sister and one is older and one is younger. she is a middle child like me!

Why does Ciara bravo look like she is 8?

cuz she does.No reasons.Not like Bella Thorne,so mature.

Is ciara bravo and kendall schmidt related in real life?

Their not related but ciara thinks of all the boys in big time rush to be just like her older brothers

Who is ciara bravo?

Ciara Bravo is a 15 year old girl ( born 1997 ) that plays a role in Big Time Rush ( Nickelodeon )as Kendall's younger sister( Katie ) and other shows and movies like Jinxed as Meg Murphy and in Swindle as Griffen Bing's little sister both movies on Nickelodeon.

Do ciara like being a singer?

ciara does not like to sing

Does Rajon Rondo like Ciara?

No Rajon Rondo doesn't like Ciara . Ciara is just one of his favorite entertainers .

What kind of guys do woman like?

Nice and kind guys that will treat them right. That are funny and that they can be themselves around.

What did Ciara's sister look like?

i donot know how ciara sis look like