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urdu and Hindi mostly urdu but the Indians call urdu Hindi but truly they speak in urdu

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Q: What language are Bollywood films in?
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You want to do acting serials or Bollywood films?

how to get a chance in bollywood films or serials

What word is used to describe the Mumbai-based Hindi-language film industry?

Bollywood is the Indian equivalent of Hollywood.

How many feature length films does Bollywood produce each year?

Bollywood industry comprises of cinema made in Hindi language and churns out around 100-150 films per year. Altough India on a whole produces more than 600 films per year . These other films are in different languages mainly : Telegu Tamil Bhojpuri Bengali Marathi Malayali Gujraati etc.

What languages are spoken in Bollywood films?

Bollywood movies are made in India. Thus they are likely in Hindi.

How many films amitabh has act?

He acted more than 250 films in bollywood

What is the main product of Bollywood?

The main product of Bollywood is Indian films, usually set up as musicals.

Acted in maximum no. of films in Bollywood?

namit lakhera

What do film stars wear in Bollywood films?


Total number of films of amitabh in Bollywood?


How many films have been made in Bollywood?

There are a whole lot of films that are made in bollywood. One can certainly not record the whole number as many more movies are being made daily. Thousands of movies have been made in bollywood.

How many films amitabh bachchan acted?

He acted more than 250 films in bollywood

Which actor gave highest no of hit films in Bollywood?

Shahrukh Khan has given highest number of hits in bollywood.