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Emboar doesn't learn fire fang so you can't have it learn fire fang!

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Emboar does not evolve.

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Q: What level does emboar learn fire fang?
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What level does houndoom learn fire fang?

level 30

What level does Charmander learn fire fang in Pokemon leafgreen version?

Charmeleon learns Flamethrower at level 34.

What Pokemon can learn ice fire thunder poison fang?

Drapion can learn thunder fang, fire fang, ice fang and poison fang Drapion learns thunder, fire and ice fang at the start, you just need some heart scales It learns poison fang at level 39

When does gliscor learn fire fang in Pokemon platinum?

Level 65

What Pokemon should you put in the day care centre with Garchomp to make it learn fire fang?

none you make it to a seryin level and it should learn it if it does not then it does not learn it other wise get a TM fire fang and make garchomp learn it

At What is level does Charmander learn fire fang in mystery dungeon?

Keep leveling up and you will find out

On which level does Steelix learn Fire Fang in Pokemon Platinum?

AnswerIn Pokemon Platinum, Fire Fang is a base move of Steelix's. This means that if Steelix does not have Fire Fang in its moveset upon capture, you can take it to the Move Tutor in Pastoria City (on any level) and teach it to Steelix again.

Can luxray learn fire fang and ice fang?

It can through breeding...

What level does flareon learn a fire move on platinum?

15- Ember 36- Fire Spin 43- Fire Fang 71- Fire Blast 78- Lava plume

When does flareon learn a fire move?

Generation IV and V: Level 15- Ember Level 36- Fire Spin Level 43- Fire Fang Level 71- Fire Blast Level 78- Lava Plume (Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, White)

What level does Arcanine learn Fire Fang?

It is a basic move so you can just get a heart scale and go to the move tutor

At what level does aerodactyl learn fire fang?

I belive that it is level 45 but im not possitive.