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the sun

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Q: What makes a summer day beautiful?
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What is the One Direction song the glee did?

What makes you beautiful

What did the queen of harts makes on a summer day?

Jam tarts, of course, or babies

What does the name crysinthia mean?

it mean that it is a beautiful girl she is the sunshine of the day that makes the flowers grow

When was Pain Makes You Beautiful created?

Pain Makes You Beautiful was created in 1993.

When was What Makes You Beautiful created?

What Makes You Beautiful was created on 2011-09-11.

Why does hot coffee make you cooler on the hot summer day?

It makes you sweat more and cools your blood

I knew it was a beautiful day when?

I knew it was beautiful day when

Is there more daylight time during the summer or winter months?

There is always more daylight during the summer months, which is what makes them summer months. Note, of course, that when it is summer in one hemisphere, it is winter in the other. Total daylight on earth overall varies little from day to day or season to season.

Who is tiki taane?

Tiki Taane is a famous New Zealand singer who to present day makes beautiful music.

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Yes they are different. They are night and day, venus mars at times. But that is what makes them beautiful.

When is what makes you beautiful by One Direction out?

What Makes You Beautiful was released on 11th September 2011.

When was what makes you beautiful by one direction released?

What Makes You Beautiful was released on 11th September 2011.