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They used bow and arrows, just like we do.

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Q: What modern weapons did the Cherokee Indians use?
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Did the Cherokee use bows and arrows as weapons?

Yes the Cherokee Indians Did in fact use bows and arrows.

What kinds of weapons did the Cherokee Indians use?

The Cherokee Indians used mostly hand and battle weapons like hatchets, bows, daggers, and staves. They also did mostly hunting with bows and arrows. The Cherokee Indians were my ancestors, and I hope I answered your questions! :)

What types of weapons did Cherokee Indians use?

Prior to 1492 the natives used axes, spears, traps and bows to hunt animals. After being exposed to firearms they then adapted to more modern weapons.

Did the Cherokee Indians use tools and weapons?

Yes, the Cherokee people did (and still do) use tools and weapons. They were farmers, hunters, had a written language- and some of the Cherokee people served as a unit of mounted soldiers for the Confederate Army.

Did Cherokee Indians use wood?

Yes, the Cherokee Indians used wood. They mainly used it for tools and weapons. From it, they made items like arrows, bows, pipes, and more.

What kinds of tools did the Cherokee Indians use?

There Cherokee Indians used several types of weapons for hunting and protection. They used arrowheads, bows and arrows, tomahawks, stones, and blowguns.

What did the Cherokee Indians use for medicine?

What did the Cherokee Indians use for medicine?

What kind of hunting and building tools did the Cherokee Indians use?

The Cherokee use spears, guns, (which they had), axes, spears, and other weapons. They used bows and arrows,too.

How do the Cherokee Indians get around?

In modern times the Cherokee use the same forms of transportation that you do. Historically they walked and used canoes, after exposure to colonists they began to use horses, wagons and other 'modern' conveyances (modern for the time in use).

What do Cherokee Indians use for medicine?

Modern Cherokee blend traditional healing with normal medical practices (Doctors, Hospitals, etc).

What natural resources did the Cherokee Indians use to make their weapons and tools?

they used their poo to make clay figures of themselvs

What weapons did the saponi Indians use?

what kind of weapons did the saponi Indians yous

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