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if you mean in what movies are there british accents then:

Harry Potter

Bridget Jones diary

Pride and the predjudice

Hot Fuzz

Angus thongs and perfect snogging

Ali G

Nanny McPhee

Four Lions

The Young Victoria

The boat that rocked


St Trinians


James Bond casino royale

Johnny English

Theres also loads more :) hope this has been of some help :)

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Q: What movie have British accents?
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Are British accents spelled The same as American accents?

The British accents are spelled the same as American accents. The New England accents are spelled different than American accents.

Are English and british accents the same thing?

They are NOT the same. There are various English accents but british is even more ambiguous as Britain refers to the whole of the british isles, so both Irish and scottish are british accents. English accents just refer to those originating in England, so Cockney (London) and Geordie (Newcastle) accents are English

Do british people have accents?

Yes, British people have various accents that can differ depending on the regions in the UK. Some common British accents include Received Pronunciation (RP), Cockney, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern accents.

Sean Penn and James Gandolfini faked Louisiana accents in the remake of All the King's Men as did all but which of these British performers?

Jude Law is the British actor in this movie

Why were the British strong in the 1740's?

they had accents

What are the different types of British accents?

There are many different types of British accents, including Cockney, Received Pronunciation (RP), Estuary English, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish accents. Each region of the UK has its own unique accent with variations in pronunciation, vocabulary, and intonation.

What do the british think the American accents sound like?

British people may perceive American accents as diverse and varying based on region. Commonly, American accents are described as sounding clear, assertive, and energetic compared to British accents. Some British individuals may associate American accents with Hollywood films, TV shows, or specific regions like New York or Texas.

Why do Americans take the mick of british accents?

Some Americans may find British accents amusing because they sound different or exotic, and they may be mimicking them in a light-hearted way. It can also stem from cultural stereotypes or media portrayals that emphasize British accents as fancier or posher.

What is the difference between a British accent and an Australian accent?

The British accent generally has received pronunciation and regional accents such as cockney or received pronunciation, while the Australian accent has more of a laid-back, informal sound with unique vowel sounds and intonation patterns. Aussie accents also tend to be more nasal compared to British accents.

Can British people talk in American accents?

Yes, British people can imitate and speak in American accents if they choose to do so. Many actors and performers are able to switch between different accents for their roles. However, it may require practice and familiarity with American speech patterns and pronunciations.

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They have British and Irish accents.

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An English accent refers specifically to the different regional accents spoken in England, such as Cockney or Received Pronunciation. A British accent is a more general term that encompasses the various accents and dialects spoken throughout the United Kingdom, including those from Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland in addition to England.