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The Quiteutes.

Historically the Quileutes were very talented builders and craftsmen. Like many other tribes in the region, they were excellent boat makers. They could make canoes for whaling, which could hold tons of cargo and many men. They had cedar canoes ranging in size from small boats that could hold two people to giant vessels up to 58 meters long and capable of holding up to 6,000 pounds. The modern Clipper's hull uses a design very much like the canoes used by the Quileutes. The Quileutes used the resources from the land to make tools and other items. In the region, almost everything was made out of wood. Necessities like utensils, clothing, weapons, and even paints were made from the natural resources available to them. The Quileute Tribe is best known, as artists and craftsmen at least, for their woven baskets and dog hair blankets. The tribe would raise specially bred, woolly dogs for their hair, which they would spin and weave into blankets. They would also weave incredibly fine baskets that were so tightly woven that they could hold water. They could even boil water in some of them. Another example of their craftsmanship was the waterproof skirts and hats that they would make, using cedar, to shield against the heavy rainfall in the region.

There is more about them, search "The Quituetes".

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Jacob's tribe is called the Quileutes. He first mentions it when Bella goes to the bonfire with Jacob in Twilight.

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The character in the Twilight series is in the Quileutes, a tribe of western Washington state.

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Jacob Black is a part of the quileute native group.

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Q: What native American tribe does Jacob belong to in twilight?
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Was Jacob from twilight a real Native American?

No, Taylor Lautner is not Native American.

Is Jake from twilight Indian?

Jacob [Black] is of Native American descent.

Is Jacob from twilight really navtive?

Yes Jacob is really native in the Twilight books.

What Native American tribe is Jacob Black in?

The character in the Twilight series is in the Quileutes, a tribe of western Washington state.

What is jacob black's ethnic background?

Jacob Black is native American.

Is Jacob Black Jewish?

Jacob Black is a fictional character in the Twilight movies. He is not real. In the Twilight series, he is described as a Native American. So no, he would not be Jewish. The actor who plays Jacob Black, which is Taylor Lautner, is Roman Catholic. He also once preached about abstinence, which is the avoidance of sex and pleasure (in other words, he's boring).

Is Jacob from twilight Jewish?

No, He is Native American That is not correct. Firstly Jewish is only considered a religion these days, so unless the other answerer is saying he thinks Jacob ( Taylor Lautner) follows a Native American religion they are way off track. He is Catholic, not Jewish, and his ethnic background does include Native American as well as Irish, Italian and German. as well as Mexican ancestry, so perhaps some Spanish too.

What native American tribe is Taylor Lautner descended from?

Taylor Lautner CLAIMS to have distant Potowatomi and Ottawa in him. But he is not enrolled in any tribes. His ethnicity was categorized as white when he was younger. When he began acting as "Jacob Black" in Twilight, it was changed to White and Native American to please fans.

What nationality was Jacob?

If you are refering to the twilght series then he was native american.

In twilight is Jacob bad or good?

Jacob is good in Twilight

What does the feather on the Jacob Black bracelet?

The feather is for his Native American heritage.

Is Jacob from twilight Philippine?

No. No, Jacob is not.