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Cowboy Bebop , Hellsing , Gungrave , Madlax and Burst Angel .

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Q: What other anime is like Black lagoon?
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Is there a anime just like lucky star if there is What is the name?

Martian Successor Nadesico , Cowboy BeBop , Trigun , s-CRY-ed and Black Lagoon .

Are there other landforms that look like a lagoon?

yes there are other landform that look like a lagoon.

Are there any anime shows like lucky star and NO ROMANCE?

Martian Successor Nadesico , Cowboy BeBop , Trigun , s-CRY-ed and Black Lagoon . There'll be some romance .

Is the creature from the black lagoon a mermaid?

The creature from the black lagoon is actually the last of his kind species of devonian amphibian. Though unusually he has scales like a reptile, and he walks like a human. He is also very strong and resiliant

Is there any other anime like black blood brothers?

Vampire Hunter D , Hellsing , Trinity Blood , Blood + and NightWalker .

What look is manga?

They look like anime but the color is black and white

What movie was showing on the yacht just at the end of the film some like it hot?

i think it was..the creature from the black lagoon..

Do Rock and Revy from Black Lagoon end up together?

Although it looks like they like each other, they still don't end up together. If mangaka actually finish the manga sometime soon we'll find out.

Is there any other anime like aquarion?

aquarion evol

Where can you meet other people online who like anime?

Yahoo Groups (See related link below.) , AniDb , Anime News Network , OtakuCenter , Anime-Forums , Anime Planet , CrunchyRoll , They will all have forums where you can meet like-minded people who admire anime .

Are there anymore anime s like gravitation?

It is really hard to find similar anime's to other anime's I've looked that up many times and yet still no answer.

What is a funny short anime with a comedy style like Code Geass?

"Black Cat" @ 23 episodes .