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Q: What product used the slogan My wife i think I'll keep her in its ads?
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What is the product whose slogan is fly the friendly skies?

United Airlines used this slogan in the past.

What a good solgan for k?

Keep on thinking is a slogan. The slogan is used by Infineon.

What product used the slogan a dab will do ya?

I believe it was for Skoal Smokeless Tobacco.

Calvin Coollidge campaign slogan?

As Coolidge succeeded Warren Harding following his death in 1923, he did not have a campaign slogan for his first term. Calvin Coolidge's 1924 campaign slogan was "Keep Cool and Keep Coolidge".

What do you mean by slogan?

A slogan is a phrase that is associated with a product. Commercials might help with this type of advertising when songs are used to advertise. One example of a slogan is "Beef, its what's for dinner".

What product slogan is Why settle when you can select?

Campbell's Soup used it, as did Jared Galleria of Jewelers

What product introduced in 1920 used the slogan to save time is to lengthen life?

The typewriter

What do trademarks protect?

A trademark is a mark used in trade, such as a business or product name, logo, or slogan.

What was president Coolidge's campaign slogan?

* "Cautious Cal" * "Cool Cal," His reelection campaign used the slogan, "Keep It Cool With Coolidge" * "Silent Cal" * "The Sphinx of the Potomac," Suggesting that he was as enigmatic as the mythological creature

Hoping to appeal to women what product used the slogan You've come a long way baby?

Virginia Slim

What is the name of the catchy phrase that is used alongside a logo and whey is it important?

A slogan it's catchy, so people think about it more and thus are more likely to buy the product the slogand and logo is promoting.

What product was the slogan 'I am Canadian' for?

From 1984 til 1988, Molson Canadian came up with, and used the slogan, "I am Canadian". It was also the subject of a popular ad campaign that centered on Canadian nationalism.