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The Jacobins.

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Q: What revolutionary group was most radical during the French Revolution?
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The Reign of Terror was during what phase of the French Revolution?

The 2nd or Radical Phase of the French Revolution

What did the jacobins do during the french revolution?

They were the Radical political party.

Who Published a radical journal called friend of the people?

Jean-Paul Marat, a French revolutionary and journalist, published the radical journal "Friend of the People" during the French Revolution. It was known for its incendiary and provocative content that aimed to incite popular discontent and advocate for radical political change.

Why did the revolutionary government need a military draft in 1793 during the French revolution?


Who killed Marat during radical phase of French Revolution?

Charlotte Corday

What group took over the national assembly during the french revolution?


Who was a key propagandist for revolutionary virtue during the French Revolution?


What are some of the new customs that signaled political change during the radical phase of the french revolution?

what were the social customs during the french revolution that signaled the political change

The most radical period of the French Revolution was reached during the leadership of?

Maximilien Robespierre.

Was Robespierre a liberal?

Yes. Robespierre did suporrt the revoltion. in fact, he was the head of the revolution.

What was a famous sea battle during the french revolution?

The Battle of the Nile at Aboukir Bay in Egypt on 1 to 3 August 1798 and were a part of the French Revolutionary Wars. The Battle of Trafalgar was an 1805 Battle during the Napoleonic Wars which followed the French Revolution.

The reign of terror during the French Revolution led to the?

A) Execution of Thousands of People Suspected of Treason The Reign of Terror during the French Revolution led to the execution of thousands of people suspected of treason. The French Revolutionary Government (1793-1794) tried to protect the Revolution against domestic enemies. It arrested thousands of suspected enemies of the Revolution for treason, and either imprisoned or executed the suspects. The French Revolutionary Government executed both the king and queen of France. for plato users the answer is (A)