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you cant find a shiny magikarp that is the only Pokemon that cant be shiney i own every Pokemon that is shiny no normal legends and starters all them BUT NOT MAGIKARP

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Q: What rout is shiny Magikarp on platinum?
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Where to get shiny Magikarp on Pokemon platinum?

Just be lucky. Keep fishing :P

How do you get gold Magikarp in Pokemon platinum?

The Gold Magikarp is a shiny Magikarp. It evolves into a red Gyarados. There is a 1 in 8912 chance that the Pokemon you encounter is shiny. This can be reduced to 1 in 2048 chance by using the Masuda method. This is basically when you breed a Magikarp with a foreign Ditto. The egg has a 1 in 2048 chance of being shiny.

How do you get a shiny stone in Pokemon platinum other than iron island?

on rout 228 -.- Bp

Is there a action replay code for a level 100 shiny Magikarp?

Your best bet would be to use the "all Pokemon shiny" code for your game then go fishing in the Resort Area for the level 100 Magikarp that can be caught there. In Platinum, that is.

How do you get magikarp to evolve into a red gyradose?

Get a shiny Magikarp. A Red Gyarados is a shiny Gyarados.

In Pokemon Soul Silver is it possible to get a shiny Magikarp with a ditto because you caught shiny Gyarados?

Yes, you technically CAN get a shiny magikarp but its not automatic. You have the same chances of getting a shiny magikarp as you do a shiny Pokemon from any other kind of egg. The parents don't automatically make it a shiny magikarp.

What level does a shiny magikarp evolve?

same lvl as a normal magikarp 20 and the shiny magikarp evolves into a red gyrados

If you continue to hatch 1 Magikarp egg soft reseting if the Magikarp within isn't shiny will you get a shiny Magikarp?

yes!? Wha????

How do you get shiny magikarp?

go to the lake near twinleaf their you will find the shiny evolved form of magikarp

How do you get the red garydos in platinum?

you get a shiny magikarp and evolve it to gyradous ta-da its a red gyradousi don't think there is an event for it though

How do you get a shiny Magikarp in Pokemon SoulSilver?

It depends on luck. when catching a magikarp, you have a 1/8000 chance of shiny.

Where do you use the old rod to get a shiny Magikarp in Pokemon pearl?

There is no way to get a Shiny Magikarp 100% of the time.