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Q: What season is soul man on drake and josh?
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Is Drake and Josh real?

No, but the man that acts as Drake is callled Drake Bell.

In what drake and josh episode did josh get yelled at for saying have a good day to the delivery man?

"The Treehouse" where Drake and Josh burn down their neighbor's treehouse and have to rebuilt it.

Were did drake and josh learn how to do backflips?

it was a stunt man.

What is josh's dad's job in drake and josh?

He works at a movie theatre.

What was Drake and Josh's dad job?

A meteorologist, a weather man, on the local news.

What is the name of the blues song that they played on drake and josh oh cranky josh?

If you want to no the name i don't no but if you just want to play it go to guitar tab i will put the link at the here === ===

When was Soul Man - song - created?

The song was written by Warren Haynes while he was with the Allman Brothers - Greg Allman originally did the vocals for the song.

Who is the voice of ultimate Spider-Man?

in the video game: sean marquet in shattered dimensions: josh keaton i the tv series: drake bell

Was drake bell in a car crush?

yes ,while driving his 1966 ford car in the pacific coast highway drake bell was hit by a other car causing drake bell surgery and 3 month later he came back to drake and josh i wish the man who hit drake bell gets in jail forever

Are Drake and Josh famous?

Drake and Josh is a show on Nick for teens and preteens. It is about two step brothers who live in San Diego (Drake Bell and Josh Peck) They are trying to live together as a family. Megan (Miranda Cosgrove) is their little sister who likes to play pranks on them. Josh works at The Premiere on the show and Drake is a singer and plays guitar. Their latest movie that has been showed is Merry Christmas Drake and Josh . Other movies that they made are Drake and Josh go to Hollywood and Drake and Josh and the Really Big Shrimp. Drake and Josh right now isn't making anymore episodes. But you can find Miranda Cosgrove in her latest TV show, iCarly. (Search What is iCarly? for more info on iCarly) * Drake and Josh is a hilarious TV show. 10

Will Netflix ever add season 2 for Ultimate Spider-Man?

As of May, 2014, Netflix allows subscribers to stream both season one and season two of the popular show, Ultimate Spider-Man. Drake Bell plays the animated version of Spider-Man.

Is Drake a man?

Yes, Drake is a male.