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Q: What should you whisper in her ear?
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When was Whisper in Your Ear created?

Whisper in Your Ear was created in 1979.

He wants me to whisper in his ear but what should I say besides I love you?

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How can you get your crush to sex you?

Kiss him and then whisper in his ear that we should go somewhere private.

Is it possible a shout to overtake a whisper?

It depends on how loud the shout and the whisper is.

How do you dog whisper to a dog?

1. you put your head close to the dog's ear and whisper. 2. you don't whisper because that's what retards do.

What did Odin whisper into Baldur's ear?

Odin whispered'"Hope and Rebirth" into Baldur's ear.

What should you say to your girlfriend when you are trying to tell her that she is the love of your life and you will do anything for her?

whisper in her ear that you love her and she will feel special... romantic!

What are the release dates for New York Television Theatre - 1965 Whisper Into My Good Ear?

New York Television Theatre - 1965 Whisper Into My Good Ear was released on: USA: 1965

Songs that have breathing in it?

Ying Yang Twins- Wait (Whisper in your ear)

What can you do for your love?

Hold the person tight and whisper "i love you" in his/her ear.

What is a Metaphor for whispering?

A whisper is like a gentle breeze on a quiet night, softly carrying secrets from ear to ear.

How do you use the word whisper in a sentence?

She leaned in close to him and whispered her secret in his ear.