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after midnight

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โˆ™ 2012-09-21 16:51:35
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Q: What time was it when bob johnny killed bob in the book the outsiders?
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How do Johnny and Ponyboy pass time in The Outsiders?

Whilst hiding in the church, Johnny and Ponyboy pass the time by reading the book Gone With the Wind and playing poker

How did johnny and ponyboy pass the time at the church in the outsiders?

the pass there time by playing cards

What was the time in the book The Outsiders?

in the 60's

What is the time period for the outsiders book?

The 1960s

How did the church burn down in the book the outsiders?

Ponyboy and Johnny thought that they accidentally set the church on fire in The Outsiders by smoking a cigarett and dropping it when they were hiding out from the killing of the Soc. That's how it burned down.I hope this has helped. i will answere more questions when i get the time.

What time does ponyboy get home from the movies in the outsiders?

2 in the morning, because he fell asleep in the lot with Johnny.

What did johnny write in the dust in the church in The Outsiders?

well, its time to create new living stylezzz

Why is johnny shy in The Outsiders?

Johnny is very shy. most of the time he is shy because he is scared about something. another reason he is shy is because his parents beat him as a kid.

What is the problem in the book johnny tremain?

The problem in Johnny Tremain is that Johnny has a hard time pooping and learns he's constipated.

What kind of student was Ponyboy in the book called then outsiders?

A straight A student most of the time.

What color pancakes did soda pop make one time in the book the outsiders?


IN the book the outsiders what strange behaviors did ponyboy start to display after returning to school?

answer it your self aint nobody got time to be giving you the answers to the outsiders we aint no book or your mama so get a book and read it and find the answers.

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