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Euros didn't exist back in 1998. The Euro was introduced on Jan 1, 2001, while the francs and other currencies of the Eurozone were phased out throughout the year 2001.

At the time of the change, an Euro was worth 6.55957 French Francs, hence a French Franc was valued at 0.152449 Euro.

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Q: What was 1 French Franc worth in Euro in 1998?
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How much is a dollar worth in french Guiana?

The French Guiana monetary unit is the Franc (or Euro) worth 1.22664 of the U.S. dollar

Where do I go to see what french money is worth?

French money is no longer the French Franc. Nowadays it is the Euro.

How much is French frank is worth?

The French franc is no longer used. The currency of France is now the Euro.

What did the French use before euros?

The French currency before the euro was the french frank.

What is the value of the old french franc in Euro?

The exchange rate between the francs and Euros was set at 6.55957 francs for one Euro, so one franc was worth 0.1524 Euro at the time of the switch.

How much is a German franc worth in American money?

There is no German Franc. A franc is French and today both Germany and France use the Euro. Another Answer: You might be thinking of the Swiss Franc.

What is the sucessor to the French franc?

The EURO €

What is the french unit of money?

The french unit is Euros

How much is the us dollar worth in french francs pounds?

There is no such thing as a French Franc or a French pound. France uses the Euro.

Is 5french francs worth anything?

Probably not ! The French Franc was consigned to history with the introduction of the Euro. Since then, the Franc ceased to be legal tender.

How much does a euro cost in France?

The Euro is the currency used now in France (symbol: €). It replaced the French franc in 2002 ; at the time of the switch, an euro was worth 6.55957 French francs.

What was the currency of France before it became part of the European Union?

The former French currency was FRENCH FRANC. However, it is worth noting that France was a member of the European Union and its predecessor organizations for decades before the Euro was introduced.